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With my coaching

sessions, you’ll learn to a high standard, but you will also learn about culture and the Spanish way of life.

My approach

I find out your

needs by asking questions about your lifestyle and interests. This service is a favorite among many of my clients.

Get the challenge

Relocating to Spain, going on holidays, or just having fun with friends, my sessions may help you learning in a fun environment while acquiring a new skill.

Enjoy learning

My job is to give you the tools and techniques to acquire a balanced method for you to achieve your required aims. After joining the sessions, you will start speaking your new language.


“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” 

John Dewey 


Students of the world

A. Howe, Cheltenham

I was very nervous at first as I had limited experience of learning Spanish with a teacher and was afraid of making a fool of myself. My previous learning was mainly self instruction via Duolingo and a couple of sessions with an online tutor using italki. I have found sessions with Yavanna not at all threatening and feel that we have developed a good rapport.


My confidence in speaking Spanish has improved considerably and I find myself thinking about words and phrases in Spanish throughout the week. I like to use metaphors. Learning Spanish with Yavanna I liken to being rescued at sea. Prior to Yavanna's sessions I was in a boat going around in circles but unsure as to which was the best direction to take. I contacted Yavanna and she came aboard, calmed me down and has taken over steering the boat. I may not be sure of where we will make port, but I am certainly enjoying the journey and learning lots on the way. I suppose for me it is about trust and I trust Yavanna to steer me in a satisfactory direction. If I have one concern it is about the learning rationale. I want to know what is the best/ most effective way of learning Spanish and I would welcome feedback on how I am progressing and how I can speed up my learning.

A. Howe, Cheltenham

Online & Face-to-face A1 Student
G. Foster, Cheltenham

I would highly recommend Yav's Education Lab. I take 1:1 lessons, and I really feel that she has helped my confidence, my pronunciation and my overall knowledge to develop in a short space of time. She can tailor to your specific wants and needs, and I feel her lessons have very much achieved this. She is a wonderful teacher, encouraging and enthusiastic, and she makes you feel very comfortable, which is important when so many are paranoid about sounding silly in another language - none of that with Yavanna! .



Face-to-face & Online B2 Student
L. Yennadhiou, Cheltenham

Very happy overall

L. Yennadhiou,  Cheltenham

Face-to-face A1 Student
A. Griffin, Gloucester

Yavanna is very professional and friendly. Yav's Education Lab is varied, interactive, written and spoken/listening exercises.

My 1:1 tuition pays special attention to key areas of personal interest - accurate pronunciation and conversational Spanish. I highly recommend.

A. Griffin, Gloucester

M. Robinson, Gloucester

All my lessons are carried out professionally and are always a lot of fun, the work I get is always relevant to what I want to study.

M. Robinson, Gloucester







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