Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my level?

To start learning Spanish and as your Spanish Teacher, I will provide a thorough initial assessment at the beginning of your first session where you will agree on your goals and outcomes for the Yav'sPlan based on your current level and the time you are able to put into Yav'sPlan to improve your level. If you are a complete beginner you do not need to take any initial test.

How can I know how many lessons I need to achieve my goal?

It depends on what level of Spanish you are looking to achieve and how much you want to know. I suggest fifteen 2-hour sessions for a lower- beginner to reach beginner level. I will offer more specific advice depending on your goal.

What qualifications does my Teacher have?

As a Native Spanish Teacher I hold either a specific qualification in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (similar to the TEFL qualifications for English teachers) and hold a university Bachelor's Degree in Spanish.

Can I have one-to-one sessions?

Yes, you can. You are entitled to choose between online or in-person lessons, and all different Yav'sPlans that Yav's Education Lab offers to you. One-to-one is based to reach your full potential during each session with different strategies, approaches and materials.

How are my lessons going to be?

You can chose between lessons in-person or online. For one hand, face to face learning sessions are the really effective way to learn knowledge and skills because I will combine different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, podcasts, news, film clips, etc. On the other hand, online learning sessions are through the use of your computer, when you have different timings, having greater flexibility and you can study from home.

Can I have 3 or more people in the class and what is the maximum class size?

  • Studying in an small group:
For further information contact me for pricing referring to this. Usually, the pricing will be £10 more per hour per student up to 4 students being an small group. All students must have the same goals and be ready to study at the same time online or/and in the same place each session. Besides, lessons cannot be cancelled, but can be moved for a different day. All students must agree another optional date before suggesting it. Notice given is 3 working days.
  • Studying in a big group:
This is entirely your decision, as I can appreciate that the more people there are in the class, the better is the practice for the whole group. Besides, it's important to remember that we are living in a society and the more people there are in each session the best for each person's progress. As a teacher the time will be spread between all students during class. I do not recommend more than 10 people per class.

Can I pay for the first lesson and see if I like it?

Yes, you can. However, after the first lesson you will need to find what sort of Yav'sPlan is better for you from your goals.

Why do I have to take a Yav'sPlan (10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 hours)?

I find that my students learn better and are more likely to achieve their language goals if they make a significant time, (at least 20 or 30 hours) dedication, and commitment. I am a highly qualified, enthusiastic and motivated Teacher/Tutor and I take students that are committed to learning and achieve their goals.

How and when do I pay for lessons?

Once you have chosen your Yav'sPlan to start learning Spanish, you would need to pay for your sessions by PayPal or a secure payment method up-front. If you would like to have any further information, please do not hesitat to contact me.

What can I do if I need to move a lesson for personal circunstancies?

Every single lesson is planned specifically, tailored and based on the student interests. Also, you need to keep in mind that the lesson has been planned, organised and your time slot has been kept specially for the student. Lessons cancelled less than 36 hours before the start time of the session will incur 50% of the session cost. Lessons cancelled on the day of their starting time will be subject to a full price of the session cost. If there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the lesson cancellation then contact me to reschedule the sessions this is achievable. Online bookings cannot be cancelled after the session has started.

What happens if I need to cancel my plan?

If you are unable to continue your course in-person, you have the option to change your Yav'sPlan to an online Yav'sPlan basis without any extra fees. If finally you decide to end the plan you will receive a half balance return of the remaining amount in your plan (including late cancellations).

What happens if I need to reschedule classes or Yav'sPlans?

If you need to change the day or time of your class, you can do this by directly contacting me. I only ask you to give me 3 business days’ notice (e.g. to change a class on a Friday, let the teacher know on the Tuesday before). I can understand that sometimes you might need to change your plans. If you know that you can't have a lesson that has been booked for you, please inform me as soon as possible.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes, you can. If you refer a friend to Yav's Education Lab in reward of recommeding your friends you will receive a free lessons for each student enrolled please contact me for further information. There is no limit of friends that you can refer.

Did not find the answer to your question?

If you have any other questions not answered here, please contact me, and I will get back to you within one business day.