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Top 5 Resources to Boost your Spanish

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced these apps are going to help you develop your listening, reading and writing skills. Nowadays, technologies can be very useful when using them as an educational purpose, and as a Spanish Teacher is important for me that you can find these websites motivating for you.

Below I am going to show you the resources I recommend:

1# WLingua

Start studying Spanish choosing between Castilian or Mexican Spanish from level A1 to B1, using this app for free. When opening an account you have premium access to the whole course. This App is designed with funny graphics that make you feel comfortable and learn in an easy-going pace. Also, it focuses on one unit at a time, and all concepts introduced are fully explained and used in multiple activities. Vocabulary and grammar are spread out over the length of each course. You can track your progress and access to your course from any device such as iPad, Smartphone, PC, etc.

To access this website please click here

2# Dualbooks

Students from upper-intermediate to advanced level can practice their reading skills through different Best Sellers or Tales Of The World books written in both languages Spanish and English, so you will not need the dictionary while you are reading them.

To access this website please click here

3# RAE

It is the Official Spanish Royal Academy of Languages Dictionary.

To access this website please click here

4# Wordreference

Use this free online dictionary for translations, conjugations, audios, and forums to ask your questions.

To access this website please click here

5# Educaplanet

This app helps children to develop their Spanish reading with phonics, and you can change the font in uppercase, lowercase and cursive handwriting. It is specially designed for kids from the age of 3 to 7 years. You can find 11 games and each one has 2 difficult levels. At the end of each game the student gets fruits in their basket that can be use to feed little aliens, so that they are motivated and engaged while playing. In this game the child is going to practice these abilities: identification and associations, discrimination, understanding, visual and auditory memorization, and literacy.

To access this website please click here

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